Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Administrative Assistant

The real estate business is a tough one. To be successful in this line of work, you need to sometimes work 24/7, sacrifice your personal life, and juggle multiple tasks and roles on your own at the same time. It would be great to have an assistant that can help you out with the various and tiring administrative tasks of your office. However, hiring an in-house assistant can be an expensive ordeal as you would not just have to pay their salary but also bear other costs like employee benefits, infrastructure etc. So, to cut down their cost of operations, most real estate professionals are now hiring Administrative Assistants to help them out.

Here are the top ten benefits of hiring a Administrative Assistant for your real Estate business –

1. Reduced cost of operations

This is the biggest benefit of hiring a VA for your business. You do not have to worry about covering business expenses of a VA. Also, if you hire a Administrative Assistant from a country like India, you can hire them for a fraction of the cost of an in-house assistant. This way, you can reduce your overall administrative costs by almost 50%.

2. No Added infrastructure Costs

Hiring an in-house assistant would mean that you would have to give them office space, a computer, air conditioning, required software to do the job and more. Hiring a VA reduces these costs by a great margin. Since the VA works remotely, they will already have their own office space along with the required technologies to perform their duties, reducing your expenditure and headache.

3. No Insurance benefits

If you were to hire an in-house assistant, you would have to offer them insurance benefits, paid leaves, sick days etc. With a VA, you do not need to go through any of this. As these Administrative Assistants are on the payroll of the company you outsource to, all these benefits are taken care of by them.

4. Flexibility

Let’s say your business demands your assistant to work late into the night or work weekends. It is not going to be easy for you to find an employee that would be able to accommodate these requirements of yours. You will not have these issues with a VA as they mostly work in 24/7 environment and can offer you more flexibility than any local in-house assistant.

5. Decrease your workload

Hiring a VA will reduce your workload a lot. You will not have to answer your own calls or book meetings and appointments yourself. Your emails will be handled by the VA so that you do not need to stress about replying a client on time. The time you save by outsourcing these tasks can be spent on growing your business and performing core tasks that only you can perform. You will also have more time for your personal life as well.

6. Improvement in quality of work

When you hire a Administrative Assistant, you are not just hiring any random individual. You are hiring a skilled person that has achieved higher education degree in their field of work. They also are experienced professionals. When you hire a VA from India, you are guaranteed a qualified professional as your Administrative Assistant.

7. Faster learning curve

Since you will be hiring a trained professional with relevant experience, you do not have to train them on every little aspect of the job. They will not take too much time to catch on; hence, reduced learning curve and faster output can be expected from them.

8. Perfect for Seasonal work

Hiring seasonal employees can be tough as most employees are looking for a full-time job. Using Administrative Assistants, you can take care of your increased seasonal work load during the busiest weeks or months of your business. This way you do not need to worry about paying an employee full-time, even when there is no work.

9. Can Help Increase Sales

Generating business leads and converting them is a tough and time taking process. There needs to be strong follow-ups and lead nurturing activities that all culminate with the closure of the deal. These follow-ups can be handled by your VA and a relationship can be established using emails, Skype calls, organizing meetings etc. Overall, these activities being handled by your VA can lead to increased closure rates.

10. Real-Time Performance tracking

All good Administrative Assistants work using tracking software that can let you monitor their activities and their productivity. The reason is that these Administrative Assistants work on a per hour basis so to give you transparency into their activities when they are on the clock, this tracking software is used.

Administrative Assistants provided by LeadMeOnline will help your business grow while reducing your cost of operations and taking over various burdens of your business so that you can focus your energies on the tasks that matter. To know more about our Administrative Assistant services, contact us today.

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